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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>mark: the driver of tear off the freeway will have details on what happened at a live report. >>james: will tell you when the court down as one to start and if we would be seen in iran and the forecast. >>george: in the east a we have accidents on the east your free web the nimitz freeway and then san ramon valley >>james: it impacted the marathon the radical to the hospital a dozen cities here in
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the bay area and broke record high temperatures on saturday at one of the most of the floor to temperatures and sentences are of the airport 83 degrees on saturday and the last time is even close to being left out was back in 1947 timber to been caught up as high as 79 degrees of such images are not on to last too long. >>reporter: temperatures will be close to where they should be it will be about fire 10 degrees above where we should be for this time of the year it was what looks like right now we do have some clouds out there was to keep those temperatures on the mild side but we have some land across parts of them north that we're looking at 101 this morning ukiah and in between black for a little bit of more rainfall you could see some isolated showers tracking in your wet but as late as i was always going to say across the
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north bay but if you're in that area if you're planning on going there to grab an umbrella but everywhere else were beginning with someone conditions in the midst of some cause temperatures will get those kids off to school fifties across much of the reasons sentences of 50 degrees (54 in the same for concord. >>reporter: here is your planner for the next 30 minutes will be across the peninsula temperatures will continue to stay into mid to upper 50s lunch hours will easy one of the to the upper fifties to low sixties will have some light winds within five to moscow our of the devils and sunshine for today antipater's was but one of the to limit the upper 60s across much of the region coming up we have storm track 47 a forecast. >>george: on the upper is sure freeway the nimitz freeway in 680, through the san ramon
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valley are accident here although minor one of the show the best and pavlov that wrote to some degree on the left-hand lane the lookit this is already backing of the ride and to put all these stressfree ride will be accountable and the amendment is already 18 minutes getting down from hercules to berkeley. the accident here in san leandro time of the ride. >>george: come out of oakland 880, southbound left labeled block the marina boulevard that is why traffic is continuing to slow and what should be the amount to a new direction of the nimitz is have it both ways admit to a class on 680, in the southbound direction early delays for you're ride through the san ramon valley. the to the gulf 15 to 16 minute drive time is now 20 minutes to two to two minutes out about heading down to the dublin and to change. >>george: problems and the santa cruz mountains to all the ride into the san jose on 17
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northbound. the bay bridge major allies are active and the commute is getting into full swing as receipt slow going not as yet it was about four west grant. the trip to the san mateo bridge highway 92 which will probably see some request kicking off here earlier than usual the drive times currently at 15 minutes to start the spike will of did it again shortly. >>james: rekindles the smart out of the lay helpless led the sea and a deadly shooting officers were handling a traffic stop a lot of 30 this morning when they heard gunshots near by officers wrap up the traffic stop and rest of the search for suspects and victims connected to the gunfire about five minutes later they found two people on kentucky street near napa st. will protect the to the hospital one guy from his injuries the other we understand the critical condition this morning police have not released in sister information but comfortable looking will let you know. also
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bracket overnight bill, administration to drop its plan to cut the number u.s. forces in afghanistan 5500 this year u.s. official said the fighter decision on the exact numbers but the administration does plan to slow it would drop plans and they say will probably allow many of the nine big american troops that are there to stay there and into next year. >>mark: have now as a sobering and better and is headed to one this morning but anniversary of the invasion a major battle in which the u.s. captured from the japanese army and war were to a private first class and his wife for britain in the last official reunion. >>will tran: he should be here any moment now this is organized by the u.s. of a. c. some of
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them are behind the heavy american flags is supposed to pull right here that this was the fellow members of the media began eye on the traffic will be going to from sfo to guam and all smedley's the evil gen the he was 80 years old they're the fire with long battle in his store we all know that i can't picture of the marines raising the flag out there he did not expect all the fanfare he was a postal let that happen. >>will tran: as soon as he shows a will go live with them. >>james: that to some more revenue this morning one person is dead after a taxi ran off the roadway in for bill near fairfield have about 1:00 this morning that is live in the
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north bay with more on what happened. >>jackie sissel: i can tell you that i nicely on central way that you can see that as what parallel to 680, northbound to the connector ramp of 80 eastbound the traffic to see is the connector ramp right there that is where the accident happened here is the video from early this morning according to chp a taxicab from san jose 7 5 mi. away was carrying two passengers driving down northbound 680 and they got ride on the connector ramp the eastbound 80 the driver of the catalog control despite out of control and went down the embankment through a fence and onto the front row and central wayrow >>jackie sissel: to passengers or inside the vehicle was hit the guy to the same the discover that one of those passengers was dead at the same a second passenger was taken to local hospital along with the driver the driver had not life-
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threatening injuries the sea is the head of the investigation he talked about what they think happened in this accident. >>: interstate 680 transitions to in a state 80 and then ended up grammar across lines for undetermined reasons. gissing of b-52 her defeat. >>jackie sissel: he saw about how far the vehicle rolled embankment 52 20 ft. high and obviously we're still trying to find out the condition of the second victim and will cause the accident. >>mark: still ahead of the kron 4 morning news three british team to try to into syria to dionysus are rested and not out on bail will take about the charges they are facing + call pam nearly destroyed the island nation will show you the latest
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damage coming into the newsroom.
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>>george: hot spot on the east shore freeway and san paolo backing up the ride all the way to highway 4 and adding about eight minutes to the drive times this morning remember to get
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traffic anytime with the kron 4 mobile application is a free download for either apple or android devices in which you can watch kron 4 to clear would stay a bit of news and weather and traffic. >>james: he said his country basically has to start over after the cyclone cause mass destruction nearly 90 percent of the homes and the cathode portable he's an interesting problem try to communicate with the officials back home in the aftermath the category five saipan it has reopened the recent in his summation.
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>>mark: at 615 a millionaire real estate there is rested in connection with the cold case murder and awaiting a tradition back to california.
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ross >>reporter: wicking gupta's to cloud up there is hard to see because it is still dark look how beautiful the bay bridge right now is it will continue to see some mix of sun and clouds for today but rain chances are possible across the top figures were we are looking get storm track four men the or not they near the 101 the heavy amount of land and getting closer and to some isolated showers of to the east this system is tracking off and with a potentially see a few more showers and a cold front across the area cute we are talking of our now mild temperatures and above all the cloud cover much of the region
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wickiups amid the upper 50 san francisco 58 oakland 55 concord at 55 livermore slightly on the poolside at 50 degrees sectoral the 54 freed monday morning. >>reporter: we are again sing calls for much of the morning hours with a to see if you isolated showers and could move through mainly for the north bank settled palisander fell you could see some isolated showers and a county to move walk the talk is direction and this is an isolated showers lead on this even if parts of the peninsula is not until then the time hours in the system will move out and it was like conditions for tomorrow. >>reporter: temperatures will continue to stay into the mid to upper 50s will work down and to amend the cover conditions warming up into the low to mid 60's and by the lunch hour we're warming up to the 10 degrees were should be. for this time of the year san jose will continue
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to step into the mid '50s depending on 51 the grid, but quickly and to the mid-70s with mainly sunny skies for this afternoon highs to the to across the peninsula of the '60s movement of the 73 a 70 with this is a range census and then at the monday. >>george: the problem of developing for the ride in the san ramon valley where the accident had out in tile and off 68 possibly 10 cars here and is blocking lanes this turned into a major incident. on the 680 cord or arise out bomb the drive times here should all be about 15 minutes look we're backing up into walnut creek and taken to try to mount over to to to men is already southbound here is the location of the problem is all the down and out to talk where looking at the traffic in walnut creek that is what the
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backed up is now that is not the of the hot spot this stressfree will start of the morning with the accident at san pablo dam road. >>george: the nimitz freeway he is still jammed up out of oakland leading south to san leandro with the crash year sold about 880 and ran the boulevard is backed up beyond 66 at and saw the weak we track the glaze on 17 self of our land the blocked the residence of the fruit looks pretty good not long predicted that the bulk of the bridge the bay bridge back reaching toward but not yet into the macarthur maze the seventh sale bridge look at this earlier and earlier where san traffic gliding down almost to a halt here. >>george: for the golden gate bridge not so bad at all this is a good trip west, on the rich and bridge hitting into moran is a pretty easy ride the east of of the span there was a poor and
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accident is not much traffic in that direction in the early morning hours. >>mark: his life. >>will tran: he just showed up here sit with his wife of 35 years sheelah he did not expect the fanfare to an ultimate lead to the rebellion in bomb this was something unheard of and did not expected. >>: i did not respect expected at all asia long time ago or two. 70 years of active hardly remember myself. but to have someone else remembered all >>will tran: tell us about the
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experience he will be 89 next month. >>: it was a great experience for me part of it because i've never been too far with home when we got to it was jima it was nighttime we stayed away are the range of a gun that we're all to hit the beach at 9:00. about 8:00 or all during those times. in the circle around out there to give the signal how
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much of that experience cover july and. that he would see my experience how often do you think about it. >>: not very often. we do not talk about very often is not because is because it does not come up. >>will tran: your heading back to the ring million and then ultimately to the wood to month. i would imagine the happy to sad. >>: i don't know i have a mixed feeling. it was all blasted away. that the tsunami at that
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time. the biggest earthquake in tsunami in japan. as the while four years ago it was a tsunami in japan. >>will tran: we're just getting started will be a to get a 15 it will sunny more opportunities to talk to this living hero this gentleman here and we're just getting started. >>mark: with american doing dobson. will be right back as
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>>james: the focus of this is a documentary series entitled to drink the explorers the documentary the weather hits and connected to his wife like a to
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this appearance and suspicion by investigators to was killed because she knew what happened to her five of the seoul last night ended with a monologue which he says he killed the mall no evidence has not cover the will not say with the evidence is still a long maintained he is not kill grammar are in a bid to do with his wife's parents. >>mark: pernod on building when the door is deported to 17 year- old and a 19 year-old man this contract and the syrian authorities believe there try to wises working of the airport and not to center after questioning the recession back to london shortly before midnight saturday were they were arrested.
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>>george: given the location is to not be hard to get to trucks in there in order to get this clear that is not the only hot spot the crash tear west 80 at san paolo and is badly backed up the ride from beyond highway
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for and ensure freeway drive times should be a comfortable 16 minutes is now 26 minutes for the ride from hercules to berkeley with cleared of the crashes southbound 880, and san leandro admirable or where to recover in the slow traffic still jammed the through the santa cruz mountain for the now about ride in the south bay early recovery problems and and a wild and bear creek the bay bridge was blown the back of now change into the macarthur maze and we are all ready backing up on highway 92 for the san mateo bridge ride earlier and earlier now the traffic is almost grinding to a halt from before heading out to the base of a high-rise. and >>reporter: looking at the bay bridge hospital in easton direction we do have to crowd out there when i see the cloud to the sun rise around 730 we will be dealt with clouds will part of the morning turning to
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sign a letter on we're tracking a few showers his with the startup for radar looks like all the 101, east of fort bragg delicacy the trough the to the potentially isolated showers and maybe it's a clear like if this is the continues to hope for we will continue to watch for some more showers at the front of be prepared you're crossing the north bay you may need to grab umbrella mild conditions to the to the into the fifties 57 days city 54 hayward 57 and across said jose 54 degrees looking ahead to the next hour will continue on with the mid fifties the upper 50s out as well as 11:00 a.m. temperature of one to the lower 60s along the coast of its upper 60s lead on this afternoon and this time highs will is the result of its seven is across the bay and in the areas come a will have some more rain chances in the storefront
6:34 am
for 74 test. >>mark: you was about to hit a dead again dissenters they say the apartment on to take action and a measure to keep the federal government defaulting on its debt. the senator believes those members could keep the government operating through the fall before we get our 18.1 trillion dollar deficit. >>mark: the to the first african-american woman to serve as the nation's top law force officer, saying he will be moving this week however partners and it attracted a bill is not at a standstill over the spill of provision regarding funding for abortions. >>james: the russian military
6:35 am
launching as part of an effort to expand its presence there and for region and all this comes as russian president bladder men pulled made his parents and 11 days to sing today in the constant a palace. he lost control of the government others question what was going on his love life as a reason. >>james: levels of land are high enough to potentially harm children there but from an artificial turf this you about the school across the nation over time led to calls lost intelligence to allow damage organs and their systems consumer products safety commission said that for nearly seven years at turf and filled for ok to install but more recently it has the knowledge shortcomings in the side.
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>>mark: of the people enjoy it the national park service and recreation is alarming arctic lands and most the ocean beach. is there by the national park service the new general management plan changes those areas from high used to low or moderate use levels. >>james: the recreation groups that may mean restrict access for people use those areas. >>: there's of the restrictions the may have there been some issues scores their ridings and iran have proposing a dog walking there's a lot that could come a we did i know exactly how this plays out the people need to get active now. >>mark: members of the group are heading to washington d.c. heading for changes to manage the plan already there are ready the petition with what a thousand signatures for people corporate
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>>george: tennessee the emergency vehicles and other crews working to clear the scene which is i say backed up the ride all the way to 24 and pushed the drive times of the 26 minutes from walnut creek down to dublin a complete check coming up for you to get traffic any time with the kron 4 global application a free download the work song android and apple devices. >>james: the steering outbreak this was possible for three deaths in the past year has been linked now to blue bell cream pies ice cream products many of the other products are not affected of the official said ice cream was made in a single production line at one of the press and taxes and probably exposed to materials what was still a liquid form blue bell has removed all autistic contaminated product to shut down production line were the product was made. >>reporter: we're attracting some showers across parts of the
6:42 am
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>>reporter: point to some isolated pockets of some branches off to the east of ukiah getting closer to the north of like pork not the they could potentially see some more showers time and now has 645 were dealt with some clouds out there. we're taught what some mid-70s across the land area really no need for a heavy jacket or anything like that for today. >>reporter: isolated showers was set to move in the lead on this afternoon here is what looks like it for clock will the
6:48 am
senator from petaluma santa
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>>james: and the rest has been made in the shooting to please ulcer's elie davis spoke is the support for the police as well as some who were involved in that pulled his movement. people all across ferguson and talk to some of those in for lou ferguson please department people who came to show their support for law-enforcement.
6:50 am
>>: minute protest alleged activities. some people have their reaction my reaction is there was an address made it to commit such a crime i cannot think of any time that would justify shooting those officers. the shooting to a terrible power of the whole thing over with and go back and is a non-violent protest to exchange ideas.
6:51 am
>>mark: will recall some of the soul and electric vehicles this month are the center later this summer panel. catholic and july 2013 to this january, to keep customer service for more information if your car qualifies. >>mark: range anxiety where fear of another power for you to a destination the announcer will be made during a press conference this thursday the owners would have dissected cars and to service to get the technology instead it will be to owners automatically. >>james: here is what you missed if you missed it last night.
6:52 am
specifically defensively the leader of the guy stepping up. as a very small number compared i would take for granted. he wears no. 12 era last up the alibi. enough to get the college kids force might live on kron 4. >>mark: tech a live look outside right now the san mateo bridge the backed already here the will have more on the big heart spies on 680 in the walnut creek area
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unfortunately morning commute bay area traffic really bad especially in the east bay this,. >> reporter: is context message from an acquaintance with all the helicopter noise is a big accident in the area? indeed there is a 10 vehicles involved in this crash on 680 in southbound direction this. it has been out there for over an hour and that is just a testament how far is to clear they did 10 vehicles since asserted a left three lanes right now and we also how are on camera here in walnut creek look at this. >> reporter: taillights here are southbound so this is traffic from highway 24 at a standstill. they still have taken away at half of the freeway there are only four lanes here southbound. two of them are obstructed. >> reporter: did not know if we have an overhead video we did have some earlier. this is part of